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The Swearing In Ceremony for the 56th Elected Six Nations Council saw Chief Ava Hill take the lead for Council. Former Councillor Terry General and Sherri-Lynn Hill-Pierce are now members of Council.

The 56th Elected Six Nations Council Begins Mandate on December 3, 2013

12/03/13 - In the Six Nations Polytechnic Grand River Room, Pastor Ralph Garlow offered a prayer and opened the 56th Elected Six Nations Council swearing in ceremonies.

One by one each Council member signed their oath of office under the watchful eye of Notary Republic Lonny Bomberry.

Elected Chief Ava Hill shared her inaugural address about the needs and priorities she is looking forward to address such as Education, the new Child Welfare Designation and Economic Development.

After Chief Hill spoke, each member of the newly sworn in Council was asked to say a few words. Some offered words of thanks to their families and friends and congratulations to the new Chief.

Chief Hill noted there will be a retreat where the new 56th Council will identify their list of priorities for the coming term.

56th Council

Elected Chief Ava Hill: 519 445-2201

District #1

Dave Hill: 519-445-4022
Lewis Staats: 519-445-4395

District #2

Carl Hill: 519-445-1981
Terry General: 519-717-0078

District #2

Carl Hill: 519-445-1981
Terry General: 519-717-0078

District #3

Sherri-Lyn Hill-Pierce: 519-717-7855
Roger Jonathan: 519-445-4190

District #4

Helen Miller: 519-445-4561
Wray Maracle: 226-208-1275

District #5

Darryl Hill: 519-445-1771
Bob R.E. Johnson: 905-768-5177

District #6

Mark Hill: 519-732-2905
Melba Thomas: 905-765-6278

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