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At noon, people lined up at the midway and entered the Gaylord Powless Arena for Bread and Cheese

Its the 2014 Celebration of Bread and Cheese Day

05/19/14 Like Bread and Cheese itself, it is almost a tradition to see rain on this Annual Day of Celebration. This year proved to be different as rain was replaced by sunshine.

Those who came enjoyed the parade of floats and the midway. At noon, many people lined up for the Annual Tradition of receiving Bread and Cheese in the arena. This event has become a day for family and friends to gather and share the events of the day.

Queen Victoria established this tradition of providing annual gifts to Six Nations community members in honour of their allegiance during the War of 1812. In 1924, the first elected council revived the tradition with gifts of bread and cheese.

The popular annual holiday is a part of Community Awareness Week. From May 14th to May 27th, Six Nations Council Departments, community organizations and businesses showcase their programs, services and products.

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