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Presenters shared information at the Child Welfare Designation Update Meeting

Six Nations Child Welfare Designation on Track for Completion

10/24/13 In the Social Services Gymnasium, the Six Nations Child Welfare Designation (CWD) Committee Working Group gave an update on the status of what will soon be the third stage toward Six Nations assuming the role of taking care of Six Nations children.

Dr. Tom Goff gave a power point presentation on the current status, noting that Six Nations completed Stage A with the initial community consultation. Program implementation is in place at Stage B. Stage C will include implementing the program.

Coordinator Barb General gave a listing of ethics derived from traditional Haudenosaunee culture. She also mentioned that the CWD committee wanted people apply to be board members. A draft job description for a Director position was written and the successful individual will have the lead role for CWD designation.

Sue Doxtator of Mnaasged oversees seven areas from London to Windsor. She gave an insightful presentation about how they are creating their own organization to care for and nurture children from First Nations communities in her area.

Ms Doxtator noted that their approach is not and never will be for a paycheck like the CAS. She added that when anyone works under her supervision, they must work as if the children were their very own. She shared personal stories that happened to her along with facing combative attitudes when dealing with CAS and Ontario.

In closing, the CWD is on track for an April 2014 launch.

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