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Finance Department
Finance - Overview
The Finance Department is
responsible for overseeing
the coordination of the
financial reporting
requirements across all
Council departments.

Other Activities:
Accounts Receivable Function
Payroll Function
Accounts Payable Function
Annual Audit
6 month Financial Review.
Comprehensive Funding
Arrangement review.
INAC Reporting Requirements.
Completed Insurance and
Audit tenders.
Advise and Assistance to
the other Council departments
on financial matters and
the review and approval of the report submissions.
Oversees Human Resources
Finance - Human Resources
Human Resources Statement

The Human Resources Department
located at 1697 4th Line Rd.
and is dedicated to managing and
providing the Six Nations Council
and its departments with effective
services pertaining to Human
Resources requirements, in a fair,
equitable and respectful manner.

Human Resources services
include the following:

1. Employee Benefits
2. Attendance
3. Policies & Procedures
4. Staffing
5. Application of Policy
in relation to:
-Family Support &
Garnishment -Canada Savings Bonds
-Unjust Dismissals
-Family Support & Garnishment
6. Human Resources Review with regards to Classifications, Ranges, etc.;
7. Health & Safety;
Finance - Links
  View Audits

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HR Customer Service - Links
  Customer Service Policy

  Customer Service Comment Card

  Accessibility Plan
Finance - Distances
Kilometric Distances:
Toronto - 240 Km (Return)
Mississauga - 200 Km (Return)
Orillia - 424 Km (Return)
Niagara Falls - 240 Km (Return)
Finance - Phone, Fax
Phone Number ....... (519) 445-2201
Fax Number ............ (519) 445-4208
Finance-HR - Phone, Fax
Finance - Human Resources    
Phone Number ....... (519) 445-2223
Finance - Human Resources    
Fax Number ............ (519) 445-2266
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