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Economic Development Director Matt Jamieson Talks About the Grand Renewable Energy Park (GREP)

Announcements about Investment and Potential Jobs for Six Nations

10/23/13 Six Nations Economic Development Director Matt Jamieson delivered a message about investment and potential jobs based on the Grand Renewable Energy Park (GREP).

Director Jamieson said after a period of due diligence, Six Nations secured tendered financing for an equity stake in the GREP leading to the presumption of revenues over 20 years.

Director Jamieson took questions and reiterated that this is one of what he hopes is more projects. Now the focus is on an announced Job Fair working with Grand River Employment and Training. The Job Fair will be held in the Community Hall on November 6 starting at 2pm and finishing at 8pm. Economic Development will spread out the news through flyers, advertisements, CKRZ 100.3 FM and other ways to reach community members.

Director Jamieson also announced further meetings will be held to establish structures on how revenues will be allocated in Six Nations through boards and trusts. He also asked people to send email comments to continue the dialogue on developing a community development trust.

Contact Information:
Matt Jamieson, Director of Economic Development
519 753 1950

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