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57th Elected Six Nations Council
The Six Nations of the Grand River Territory is the most populous First Nation in Canada. Nestled within Southern Ontario, near Brantford, the Six Nations of the Grand River Territory is close to major Ontario centres such as Toronto and Hamilton. It is less than an hourís drive from the international border at Niagara Falls.

The Six Nations Elected Band Council came into existence in 1924. Today, it has evolved into a sophisticated organization that works in the best interests of all Six Nations citizens by creating a standard of living enjoyable for all its members.

Political Representation
The Six Nations Elected Band Council is the largest public institution at Six Nations. The Elected Band Council has 6 Districts with 2 Elected Councillors per District. The Chief is elected by the entire Six Nations of the Grand River Territory. The Chief and Council set the political and policy framework by which the administrative arm of Council works to address the needs of the Six Nations Community.

The administrative arm of Council is responsible for the day-to-day operations and delivery of programs and services. The Six Nations Administration features 15 different departments with a work force of more than 700 employees.
  1. Communications
  2. Computer Services
  3. Finance
  4. Fire & Emergency Services
  5. Health
  6. Housing
  7. Human Resources
  8. Lands and Membership
  9. Lands and Resources
  10. Ontario Works
  11. Parks and Recreation
  12. Policy
  13. Public Works
  14. Records Management
  15. Social Services
The size of the Six Nations Administration makes it the largest public service employer of any First Nation in Canada.

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