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Lands/Membership Department
Lands/Membership - NOW CLOSED

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Lands/Membership - Overview
The Six Nations Lands/
Membership Department has been
operating as a department of
the Six Nations Elected Council
since April 1, 1995.

This Department of Council is
split into 2 sub programs:
A Lands Program and a
Membership Program.

Both programs carefully
scrutinize validities of
topics that relate to land
and those claiming membship
to Six Nations of the Grand

It is important that Band Members
report the birth of their children
within a one-year period, the child
will not be covered under Medical
Services after one year.

It is important to also note that each Six Nations Member is responsible for informing Lands/Membship of any life changing events (i.e. births, deaths, etc.,)
Lands/Membership - Membership Program
The Membership program of the Lands/Membership Department oversees the following programs and services: Report Life Events, this includes: Births, Death, Marriages, Divorces Band Transfers: Internal Transfers From Other First Nations Issuance of ...   View More
Lands/Membership - Lands Program
The Lands program ensures the ongoing protection of the land base of the Six Nations of the Grand River through the careful scrutiny of transfers of parcels of land between Six Nations Citizens by ensuring all citizens claiming membership in the Six Nations of the Grand River are ...   View More

Status Cards are issued on Thursday and Friday ONLY between 8:30 3:30 no exceptions.

- First Cards you must have two pieces of original identification

- Renewals must turn in old status card plus one piece of original identification ...   View More
Lands/Membership - Population Statistics as of Dec. 31/19
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Lands/Membership - Forms
Blood Quantum Form
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Lost Status Card Form
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Amendment Form
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Guarantor Form

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Application for Already
Registered Persons
Adults (16 & Over)
Children (15 & Younger)
Dependent Adults
for Secure Certificated
of Indian Status
(SCIS) with Guarantor
Declaration Form

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Application for Registration
on the Indian Register
for the Secure Certficate
of Indian Statues
(SCIS) - For Adults
16 yrs of Age or
Older with
(SCIS) Guarantor
Declaration Form

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Application for Registration
on the Indian Register
for the Secure Certficate
of Indian Statues
(SCIS) - For Children
15 yrs of Age or
Younger or Dependant
Adults with
(SCIS) Guarantor
Declaration Form

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L/M - Environment Office
The following
services are
provided by
the Environment
Office: ...
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Lands/Mem. - Phone, Fax
Six Nations

(67 Bicentennial

P. O. Box 62

Phone Number ...... 519-445-4613
Fax Number ........... 519-445-2778
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