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58th SNGR Councillors
Councillor Sherri Lyn Hill-Pierce,
cn: 519-717-7855, em:

Councillor Melba I. Thomas,
cn: 519-732-2869, em:

Councillor Audrey Powless-Bomberry,
cn: 519-717-2721, em:

Councillor Michelle J. Bomberry,
cn: 519-802-7714, em:

Councillor Wendelyn Johnson,
cn: 519-771-6644, em:

Councillor Hazel Johnson,
cn: 519-732-2169, em:

Councillor Helen Miller,
cn: 519-717-2565, em:

Councillor Nathan M. Wright,
cn: 519-761-7058, em:

Councillor Kerry Bomberry,
cn: 519-732-1477, em:

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