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Social Services Department
Social Services - Overview
Social Services Mission Statement

The Six Nations of the Grand River
Social Services Department is
mandated to serve our Nation by
providing assistance in a
non-adversarial, cooperative
manner, which draws upon, supports
and strengthens the family- based
obligations and traditions of
caring, sharing, mutual respect,
healing and harmony that are
rooted in and inseparable from
our culture.

The Social Services Department
consists of: Social Services
Administration, Six Nations Child
and Family Services, Six Nations
Child Care Services and
Six Nations Grand River
Correctional Services
Social Services - Youth In Transition
Social Servies is now operating a new Youth in Transition Program. This program is designed to help First Nation, Metis or Inuit Youth between the ages of 16-24 transition out of the child welfare system into adulthood. Marsha Reany, Youth in Transition Worker assists and supports youth in identifying, developing and implementing an individual plan based on their individual goals. As well as provides guidance and emotional support to access and navigate through the adult system.
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Social Services - Child & Family Services (CFS)
Six Nations of the Grand River Child & Family Services is a Native Child Welfare Prevention program, located at 15 Sunrise Court (across from Iroquois Plaza, just off Chiefswood Road). We offer individual, couple, family and group counseling, as well as a variety of social, recreational and leisure programs and seasonal special events. Who is Eligible? Children (0-18 yrs) and their families whom reside on Six Nations Grand River Territory and registered Band members residing off-reserve for less than one year...   View More
Social Services - Child Care Services
Day Care
Day Care
Private Home
Day Care
Social Services - Correctional Services
Adult Native
Service Order
Alt. to
Social Services - Stop Now and Plan (SNAP Website)


Six Nations SNAP© is a 13 week program for boys and girls ages 6-11 who are engaging in aggressive, anti-social behaviour and/or have come into contact with authority figures at school or in the community. ...

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Social Services - Child Welfare Designation


After reading the reports, we are asking for your feedback and position on the next process of designing and establishing our own community based protection program and negotiating a protection designation with Ontario. ...

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Child & Family Services (CFS) - Service Coordination
Service Coordination This unit performs the duty of case manager for all incoming clients seeking services at Six Nations Child & Family Services. Responsibilities include:

• Client intake; interviews
• Information gathering
• Coordinating and monitoring service plans
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Statement - Social Services,

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Brant Family and Children's Services
70 Chatham Street,
Brantford ON, N3T 5R7
P: 519 - 753 - 8681
Child & Family Services (CFS) -
Band Representative

This unit is responsible for representing the interests of the Six Nations Band in Child Welfare ...
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Child & Family Services (CFS) -
Family Support Unit

This Unit assists in the assessment of need and service planning, provision and ...
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Child & Family Services (CFS) -
Clinical Services Unit

This Unit provides psychosocial assessment and treatment to our children and families. ...
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Child & Family Services (CFS) -
Primary Prevention Services

This Unit is responsible for initiating and supporting various child, youth and adult programs ...
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Child & Family Services (CFS) -
Mobile Crisis Services

Mobile Crisis Services are responsible for providing assistance to children and ...
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Social Services
- Phone, Fax

Social Services    
Phone Number ....... 519-445-2071
Child & Family Services    
Phone Number ....... 519-445-0230
Social Services    
Fax Number ............ 519-445-1783
Child & Family Services    
Fax Number ............ 519-445-0249
Resource for Women

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