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(L-R) Environment Officer Clynt King and Councillor Dave Hill Get Ready to go on CKRZ Radio

Campaign against Unauthorized Dumping Begins

09/12/14 – This morning on CKRZ Radio a campaign against Unauthorized Dumping began as District 1 Councillor Dave Hill and Environment Officer Clynt King presented information on Unauthorized Dumping and the various effects it has on the Territory.

The talking points Councillor Hill and Environment Officer King focused on were:

1) What is “unauthorized dumping”?

2) Why worry about it?

3) What are the consequences for anyone caught dumping waste?

4) What is Elected Council doing to address this issue?

5) Doing your part

7) Will reporting unauthorized dumping make a difference?

6) Report unauthorized dumping

Their presentation on CKRZ is just the beginning, as this campaign will further evolve into more information being dispensed throughout the community.

A further report is being planned for the upcoming October edition of the Council Newsletter. For further information or questions about Unauthorized Dumping please contact Councillor Hill 445–4022 or Environmental Officer Clynt King at 445-0853.

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