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Architect Colleen M. Reid described rooms for the Youth and Elders Centre.

Dreams Made Real: Youth and Elders Centre Begins

04/28/14 At the Six Nations Community Hall, a meeting was held to introduce to Six Nations of the Grand River to the conceptual virtual drawings for the new Youth and Elders Centre.

Previously, Six Nations Parks and Recreation put together a survey to gather input. That information was put together to best reflect what types of rooms/programs were suitable for this centre.

The building will feature a gymnasium for youth plus a meeting area for elders. Two community rooms can be used either as a weight room or a community meeting room separated by mechanical partition. Walkways connect the arena to this building where trophy cases and artwork are showcased.

People in attendance provided various suggestions. Some suggestions were raised including a green eco-friendly area on the rooftop or a proposed area for working mothers.

One suggestion that caught the attention of everyone was placing a blank concrete wall where youth can make artwork murals. As each month passes, the youths could cover previous murals. Then they can make a new mural to reflect the notion of young people owning the building and making it as their own.

The Youth and Elders Centre has an estimated cost to come in at approximately $3.8 million with an estimated construction timeline of August 2014 to September 2015.

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