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Public Works - Overview
Michael Montour is comfortable in his role as the Public Works Director and easily shares information about his department. Their services include road maintenance, administration, water, sewer, and septic distribution and treatment and maintenance for five elementary schools. This department also provides technical support services to the Six Nations Elected Council departments, as well as solid waste disposal for the Landfill Site. The department has many assets throughout the community including: a salt and sand shed, lagoons, the Landfill Site, storage garages, pump stations, the Water Treatment Plant, Office areas, and the Water Tower.

Public Works Administration supports all of their departments by answering questions from community members, collecting payments and issuing invoices for Public Works services. Administration also organizes and co-ordinates departmental services and special events as well as performing many other duties to ensure the community receives the best service possible services.

School Maintenance facilitates after-hours school rentals and ensures that Emily C. General, Jamieson, J.C. Hill, Oliver M. Smith, and I.L. Thomas Elementary Schools are in a safe and healthy condition that is conducive to learning elementary school students and teachers within the community. Director Montour identified that this department prides themselves in accomplishing their work without the loss of student educational time. In the case of damage to schools, even at night, the School Maintenance Supervisor or the Maintenance Man respond to alarm calls to ensure that broken windows or vandalism are properly cleaned up and repaired either on the spot or by staff so that the building is ready for school that morning.

Technical Services focuses on supporting capital projects from very minor to major projects ongoing within the community. Some of the duties that the manager performs are tendering, awarding contracts, certifying payment, and working with contractors or consultants to ensure that the community receives the best product possible from the project. Overall the Manager supports as many departments as he can. The secretary in this department ensures that reporting requirements for funding to AANDC are met and assists the Technical Services Manager in many day to day duties such as preparing terms of references for projects, filing, recording meeting minutes and much more.

In a community with approximately 175.7 kilometres of roadway, four plows come in handy especially when a storm shows up to dump a large amount of snow with a small amount of freezing rain. The solution is a salt and sand mixture that is spread on roads and salt that is applied to sidewalks. The employees in this department are on call year round for emergency road closures and especially in the winter for the winter maintenance of the roads. Most recently all of the Roads Department employees showed great commitment and dedication by working long hours to ensure that the roadways were as safe as possible for the community to travel on in the wake of the heavy snow fall on February 8.

A number of other duties are required to maintain the 66 and 88 foot road allowance including tree trimming, calcium application, line painting, grading, cold patching, removing dead animals off of road and sign maintenance. They also undertake other duties with the equipment, machinery, expertise and tools. For example, the department assisted in construction of the Fourth Line playground.

Water, Sewer and Septic services are provided by the Water/Sewer Department. There are 5 employees who ensure that the community has safe potable water as well as proper means to dispose of septic and sewer wastes. All employees within this department are cross trained so they can all contribute to the overall services of the department. Each of the employees in this department are highly qualified, trained and equipped with the expertise to operate the equipment necessary to offer this service to the community. A key part of this department is treating water so it is safe to drink. The new Water Treatment Plant is expected to be operational in September 2013.

Director Montour pointed out that if a water main breaks, it will take approximately 12 hours to fix. Plant operators and truck drivers within this department brave the elements to complete repairs to ensure the community continues to have safe drinking water.

Waste is treated in three lagoons which meet Environment Canada guidelines regarding size and effluent quality.

The Six Nations community is in need of a solid waste disposal system because the dump is running out of capacity. Waste comes in from 2800 homes and a number of businesses.

Director Montour mentioned that the focus is on recycling and safe operation which is in the hands of a contracted employee and two full time employees who make sure that the recycling area as well as the entire Landfill Site is clean and user friendly. During the warmer time of year, the landfill hosts a household hazardous waste day and a “cleanup week” which is a week of large item collections in the summer. Costs for these events are covered by Six Nations Elected Council.

“They do a lot for the community,” Director Montour pointed out in reference to the services that the Public Works Staff provides.

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