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Social Services - Correctional Services - Youth Supervision Program
Youth Supervision Program:

The Six Nations Grand River Correctional Services (S.N.G.R.C.S.), acts as a link between the Ministry of Children and Youth Services-Youth Justice Services (MCYS-YJS), the Native youth client, the Courts and the Native community.

S.N.G.R.C.S. provides a broad range of services to assist in the supervision and rehabilitation of the Native youth client in a manner that is non-threatening and consistent with their cultural background, values and aspirations.

S.N.G.R.C.S. also makes referrals to bring the Native youth client in contact with the appropriate agencies and services that will be utilized to assist them, i.e. Reintegration Program. This also gives the Native youth client an opportunity to work in the community and to re-establish relationships and trust.

Each Native youth client referred to S.N.G.R.C.S. will be interviewed to complete an intake and Risk/Needs assessment, to establish their needs and level of supervision. More time is allocated to deal appropriately with high-risk supervision cases as determined by the Risk/Needs assessments.

Native youth clients that are referred S.N.G.R.C.S. are referred to appropriate agencies according to their personal beliefs as they relate to their cultural background. When necessary, traditional Elders are utilized for ongoing support.

Correctional Services Phone Number: 519-445-2628

Correctional Services Fax Number: 519-445-0840

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